Great bookkeepers are hard to find, and when you find one, you should never let them go. They are a vital part of your business. So, how do you know you have a great bookkeeper?

1. They ask questions and do their homework.

A bookkeeper who is trusted and vested in your company will ask questions instead of simply guessing what is going on. Business strategies and technology are always changing. Sometimes more quickly than we’d like them to. Your bookkeeper should be keeping up with the new changes and know when is the best time to implement them. They should be creating processes that make it easier to work with them. 

2. They understand your systems and processes.

Your bookkeeper should know how your business operates from every facet. The more he/she understands, the better they can help determine possible solutions and help you continually streamline your business. They are always seeking to understand how your numbers are impacted by your systems.

3. They can grow with you.

Hiring a bookkeeper isn’t easy, but looking for one that can grow with your company over time is very important. They should stay abreast of relevant accounting software and other new technologies that are transforming the way small businesses are running. 

Do you have a great bookkeeper?