• Without a standardized technology solution your employees and clients are forced to continuously shift between various programs and spreadsheets. 
  • How many systems are you using in your business? (Scheduling software, excel spreadsheets, multiple softwares to collect payments?)
  • What is your monthly software cost?

Outdated Systems

  • Eventually you’ll get to a point where the cost of software maintenance, workarounds, and limitations become so costly you can’t afford not to change. 
  • How much time and money does your business invest in outdated systems? 
  • Do you know how much you are spending on your systems compared to current market prices for similar solutions? 

Lack of Metrics

  • If you don’t have performance targets in place, how do you know if your employees are meeting goals? Measuring your company’s success through achievable goals is critical in analyzing areas where your business excels and where it can be improved.
  • Do you have metrics in place?
  • Are your metrics directly related to your business goals?

Employee Onboarding

  • The longer it takes an employee to become accustomed to the business, the longer it will take the business to see their return on investment. Having a successful onboarding process can ensure new hires will stay longer. 
  • What does your onboarding process look like?
  • Do you have a 30,60, and 90 day onboarding plan?
  • Do you have a client onboarding checklist? 

Obstacles and Hurdles

  • Small businesses tend to overlook sources of process slowdowns because they  don’t know the impact it can cause. 
  • Processes for key areas of your business aren’t documented.
  • Are you experiencing slowdowns within your business or redundancy?