Have you ever had a client that continually reaches out at all hours of the day and night? 

Communication is a common area where boundaries are violated. Maybe you answered a call or email after hours one time and now the client is seeing that it should be the norm.

IF THIS HAPPENS you have to establish clear boundaries but prior to establishing any, make your agreements clear.

  • Outline the times of day you can and can’t be contacted
  • Establish your email response time
  • Determine the methods clients can contact you. (Text, Social, Email, Phone)

Setting up boundaries in business as an entrepreneur can be difficult. We are used to working 24/7 and getting things done in an instant. After all, that’s how our world works today. If a client needs something done that’s outside the scope of work or outside our normal working hours we will still respond. 

Keeping your business boundaries in check and saying no when applicable will allow for a better balanced schedule and give you more control over your life.