If you’re like me you have a to-do list that is extremely long and you never get to cross off all the items by the end of the week.

Most people can’t maintain a task list ordered by date and crank away on the most pressing items. It seems like it would work because it makes sense but as we all know our lists are longer by the end of the week.

The best way to achieve productivity is not to prioritize by deadlines, but to prioritize by what matters most. We all know the tasks that will be completed first are the ones that will make us money or will make our clients happy.

Here are the 5 steps to turn your to-do list into a productive, money-making machine:

1️⃣ Maintain a paper task list

2️⃣ Create two columns: one labeled, “TYPE” and one labeled, “TASK”

3️⃣ In the “TYPE” column, write a dollar sign next to each task that, when completed, you are confident would bring in money in the next 30 days.

4️⃣ Start ticking off items with dollar signs and smiley faces.

5️⃣ As you move through your day, new to-do items will come up for you to write down

This simple approach is the most effective productivity strategy to follow!